MiniDis und seine Partner - Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit!

MiniDis is a specialized Value Added European Distributor (VAD). What is a VAD? And why do Partners and Resellers choose MiniDis?

To answer these questions, we briefly introduce a number of customers cases. Customers who benefit from maintaining a close relationship with MiniDis for the development of their services and products and benefit from our:

Services - While a broadliner distributor mainly supplies many products, a VAD such as MiniDis, delivers distinctive IT products, supplemented with services, support, assembly, installation support and even the modification of products to customer specifications. These extras represent the added value for our customers. Certainly in the mini-PC segment, the complexity of end-user questions and applications is increasing enormously. And despite the small size, the possibilities of mini-PCs have increased enormously due to the modular structure of some of them.

Knowledge - With many options to choose from, it comes down to product knowledge, combining product characteristics and options, excellent contact with manufacturers, but also experience in a specific market segment.

Collaboration - The relations with our manufacturers such as CompuLab, DMP and ECS are very close. Manufacturers engage distributors for logistics and financial matters, but especially for support and service.

Added value - Our customers know how to value our services. The success stories of our customers, in which we played a joint role, prove this. A role that consists of:
  • Thinking about product development and application
  • Unburdening by Assembling and Installing mini PCs
  • Assisting in the realization of cost-effective international data SIM traffic
  • Modifying products to improve applicability
  • Custom Operating System images such as Win10 IoT and Linux distributes
  • Chassis Customization, such as custom side panels for fitlett2
  • Temperature certification
Our products are used in a wide variety of projects. Most of them are at least innovative, some of them groundbreaking. We would like to introduce a number of our partners!